This ‘ClickBank’ Money Making Monster took my Bank Account by surprise!

Ever heard of on Online Money GPS system?

A lot of people in the Internet & Affiliate Marketing business are looking for mechanisms or systems which will generate them income almost on autopilot.
A system/organization we all know is Amazon, where we as an affiliate can earn money by selling stuff under the Amazon umbrella. While Amazon is/was mainly known for selling physical products, going from baby clothing to laptops — it also is equipped to sell digital products like self developed Affiliate programs, e-books, knowledge items, etc.

The digital marketplace is a growing market an many people have questions about it. This is where a companies like ClickBank comes into play and it might be useful to summarize the basic principles of ClickBank. Because believe it or not, ClickBank is a very trustworthy system to earn money online.
ClickBank is a digital goods marketplace. Meaning it’s like Amazon except all of the products are digital. So, as an affiliate/seller you refer people to these products and you earn commissions. That’s it!


If you would speak in metaphors: ClickBank is the Engine (SYSTEM) for the Vehicle (PRODUCT/OFFER). It’s your job to provide Fuel  for the Engine in order that the Vehicle can run… And my friend, that Fuel is nothing more than website TRAFFIC; directing Traffic (hungry customers) to the webpage where your Offer can be find and the product sells itself!

There’s nothing hidden, everything is upfront and it’s completely transparent. Now, some of the products you may decide to promote that are sold on ClickBank may be questionable by your audience. That’s why you have to know the products that you’re promoting.

When you go to, you can go up to the top and click “Marketplace”. This is an organized directory of all the products that can be sold or referred from ClickBank and you as an affiliate, blogger, advertiser, etc. can earn a commission.

So can you really make money with ClickBank? Maybe you’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of screen shots with people making hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars everyday, just like this one…


What you aren’t seeing is how they managed to produce those results.

There are 2 ways to make money on ClickBank.

You can promote a product as an affiliate and earn up to 75% commissions…
Or you can take the second route and be a vendor, have your own products and have affiliates promote your stuff.
The truth is, ClickBank is huge! There are tens of thousands of active affiliates promoting the thousands of available products in the ClickBank marketplace. With nearly 2.5 billion dollars of payouts that ClickBank has issued in their 14 years of being in business, you might be trying to figure out if it’s possible to grab a piece of the pie…
The truth is, anybody can and it’s easy once you figure out what you need to do.

Back to the Traffic. It sounds easy…? 
The only thing you need to master is: directing the right Traffic to the right Offer.
E.g. direct people who love Fitness & Sports to products that relate to that issue.

And when looking at it this way, it comes down to a simple 3 step formula.

  1. Find a product to promote.
  2. Drive traffic to that offer.
  3. Get your weekly earnings directly deposited in your bank account.

But is it really that simple?
Truth of the matter is, most people get lost on step 2…  It’s easy enough to find a product to promote because there’s so many available.
But the problem comes down to getting traffic.
We’ve investigated and found out why so many people are doing it. We’ve found the secret why so many people are making so much money on ClickBank. Every successful ClickBank affiliate and vendor have told us the same thing: They told us that they knew how and where to get traffic!
In other words, they have their own GPS system directing people/traffic to the website! And more potential clients in your store, means more chances to sell something 🙂

But getting traffic to your offer (eager buyers) is an issue where ClickBank CAN’T really help you out…
And if you don’t have your personal GPS system to drive traffic or you don’t have the knowledge how to do it, it can be a very time-consuming and frustrating mission before you even get your first (small) result.
A ready to use Money Making GPS system therefore would be easy…

Are you currently considering to start with ClickBank or you are already using it but the results stay behind?
Or you have your own (affiliate) product and you’re looking for ways to sky-rock your sales?
Or you’re brand new to this Business and you want to learn more?

Then I can help you out!

What if we can provide you the whole mechanism: Vehicle, Engine, Fuel (Offer, System, Traffic) AND … your personal GPS system to drive traffic to your website/offer, whatever this offer might be? Would you be interested?
Also, ever thought about linking/preceding your ClickBank offers with your own landing page to catch the email of your customers? Always useful for future offers you want to promote and to grow your list.

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Because… once you learn how to get the right traffic to your online offers, you’ll find out how easy it is and why they’re so many people earning  and posting screen shots all over the web.

The truth is, anyone can do it! All you need to do is take action and find the right GPS system to guide you!

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 Good Luck!
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